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    Agent installs into incorrect folder location


      Has anyone ever seen, or does anyone have a reason that would explain why when I install (either a push from ePO or manual install) the Agent on a computer that has a Canon printer driver installed the agent gets installed into "C:\Program Files\Canon\Easy-WebPrint EX"?

      The agent operates fine, and can be updated without issue. I am seeing it on a handful (10 out of 8000 endpoints) so I don't believe it is a issue with permissions, or group policies getting in the way.


      Recently I had to repair an agent, so I ran frminst /forceuninstall from the McAfee\Agent folder under Program Files and deleted the Agent folder prior to reinstall; upon reinstall (since the Canon driver was now installed) it reinstalled to the Canon folder.


      This issue has existing since at least and we are currently running so it doesn't seem to be version specific either.