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    Android device "overrules" iOS?



      installed SafeFamily on my iPhone and my daughter's iPhone. Worked great. Then my husband installed it on his android phone using the same parent account and now in the parent account  devices list and in the locations screen I no longer see my iPhone as parent device but only the android. We already deactivated and uninstalled it from android- no change: still the now no longer available phone is shown and I can't find a way to get my iPhone shown. Please help! Thanks, Susan

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          Hi there, this question is still open - and the no longer existing Android phone still is listed as the only parend device in devices list...would someone please respond! Thanks!

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            The Community is watched mainly by volunteer software users  and perhaps nobody knows the answer.

            I suggest you contact Technical Support by phone or online chat:  Contact Support

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                               I will attempt to contact someone from the Safe Family Team on your behalf. esaung Could you kindly assist this customer please?

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                hi sueat77,


                ok let's see if we can get your iphone to show up on the map.


                on your parent phone, can you launch safe family, go to the family tab (far right tab), choose the parent,  and look under the device tab. do you see at least two devices, the android and ios device there? it sounds like you only see the android device listed there, but just wanted to reconfirm.


                the one thing you can try is on your parent iphone, switch to another child (and go through setup) and then switch back to parent. you may want to create a new kid profile to do this and that should get your parent iphone "re-registered" to report your location.


                let me know if that works or if you need additional assistance.




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                  Thank you again E-Ming

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                    Hi E-ming,

                    thanks for your help. This solved part of the problem. I can now see my phone again as parents device - but the Android one is still listed and I don't see a way of removing it. Also - what happens when my husband installes the app on his iPhone? Will his device then overrule mine? Why can you only see one parents device in map??

                    thanks again for your help!

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                      great, glad to hear that is working for you again.


                      at this time there isn't a way to remove the android device from that list of devices.


                      The way our location feature works is that if one user profile has more than one device connected, it will take the location of the most recent device and display that in the map.


                      because we have just one parent/administrative account, connecting your husbands iphone, your parent location will be choosing between yours and your husbands iphone instead of displaying both locations. the support for multiple parents managing is something that we are looking at implementing in the future.