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    Missing system tray Icon

      I have a client machine that is missing the system tray icon. We checked msconfig and SBTrayManager is checked. Any suggestions.
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          Fixed this by removing the users from the machines (left only my id) sync, reboot, readding users, sync and reboot.
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            Sounds odd. Are you sure that removing and readding users fixed it? My guess is that it was more likely hidden in SysTray or just needed a reboot. I know that when our clients upgraded from 4770 to 5200, the SB icon disappeared until they rebooted.
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              We rebooted several times, the icon would not show up If this user logged thru SB and then logged into windows. If I logged through SB then the user logged into windows the icon would be there. So we came to the conclusion that it had to be soemthing with the user SB account, not the windows profile.

              This user was part of a group assigned to this machine. So we removed the group leaving only myself access to this machine. Synced, booted, logged in, added group, synced booted, she logged in, icon appeared.

              I know Odd.
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                The icon should have no bearing on who is SB logged in. It is loaded as a run command in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. I wonder if the user did not have permission to read necessary parts of the registry or to execute the the SB systray utility.
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                  I had originally thought it was the windows profile, but test proved to not be the issue as when I logged through SB and the user logged into windows the icon would be in the system tray, it woudl not be in the system tray if she logged through SB and also into windows. I wish i had tested her logging through SB and I log into windows, will do this if we get another call.

                  Its fixed for now. If it happens again I will do a little further testing.
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                    I have also noticed the icon missing in rare cases.   For my situation,  most my laptops have two (2) admin accounts.   Once in awhile, the main admin account will have Task Tray Icons missing,  including the McAfee one.   As a computer specalist I am very confused why?  However, if I log out and go to the other admin account on the laptop,  all icons show without any problems at all.   Yes, as they say, "I think the barn has al leak somewhere".  


                    Anyone know what the process name is that makes sure this McAfee Task Icon gets run and displayed?   This could indeed be a system register problem and there may be a simple solution to it, but I have yet to find it.

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                      I also notice this on windows 7..


                      not sure why and how this happen..

                      sometimes it's gone.. comes back after reboot..

                      sometimes it's dissapear and we have to reinstall the pakage..

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                        I find this often too.  Again a reboot tends to resolve the issue.  The other issue can be that the agent icon dosen't display when connecting to a client using TS when the client is on Win2003.

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                          kill the sbtray.exe process and refire the exe off, that will bring it back