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    Solidcore - Creating Publisher with Expired Certificate



      I'm trying to add a publisher (certificate from an Adobe exe) in the ePO (extract the cert from file in Solidcore Rules/Publishers) The certificate is added as a publisher but the certificate it is already expired (thanks Adobe.)  I'm in this situation and, despite my policy changes (Add rule group to Application Control Rules) to allow this publisher, waking up my agent to update policies, the certificate is not being sent to the agent.  I verified by running sadmin cert list on the machine.


      As a side note, if I use the scgetcerts.exe to extract the certificate and add it with sadmin cert add (all on the machine with local cli), then I can proceed.


      But anyway, is there a policy or other behavior that prevents trusting publishers from expired certs in the ePO?  (I hope this makes sense, I'm new to this.)


      Thank you,