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      hi all
      did any one try mcafee DLP solution ?
      i need to know the benefits of choosing mcafee solution especially that i m choosing between mcafee and RSA-tablus solution
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          We are starting the process of piloting the DLP product..

          We have noticed large spikes in Desktop's processor usage. - Resolved by excluding known processes that causes DLP to spike, which will be a never ending support model.

          DLP is easily circumvented, by novice pc users... - Not resolved

          Cd-Rom burning cannot be blocked - Roxio or any other product circumvents it like it wasn't installed. - Not resolved.

          A recently released DLP version resolved the active directory issue..

          Many more smaller issues that have been overlooked.

          Good luck to you though...
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            Here's another issue for the list:

            DLP 3 was causing my PC to reboot (no BSOD, just blip!, reboot) when my USB web cam software would launch (from my Startup folder shortcut). :eek:
            Granted it's a very old web cam (Kodak DVC323) using Yawcam for the software. Once I uninstalled the DLP agent, the reboots on launch stopped. However, definitely something to be aware of for site-wide deployment planning/testing.