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    Webgateway not forwarding credential authentication


      Hello Guys,


      I  need some help with a very specific problem. Hope someone can help me.

      When my local users try to access internal web applications, hosted in local servers (using ssl), WBG appliance (7.6.2.X) return a handshake SSL error.


      Most of all these applications request authentication. I don´t know why, but when the request goes over webgateway, it does not repass the authentication popup (Or even try to autheticate using the NTLM credencials).


      I did a lot of tests, and the only problem that I see is the webgateway returning a problem with "SSL Handshake". But when I repeat the test (Trying a direct connection, without using the proxy), all goes fine.


      These internal servers are hosted with Apache, most using htaccess authentication. Unfortunately I don´t have access on these server to make a better troubleshooting.


      Even after put these servers / hosts in the Whitelist, the problem persist. I´m really don´t know how to try to solve / fix this.


      Someone has a good idea?


      Thanks in advance,

      Luiz Henrique