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    Add Exceptions in Access Protection Rule (EPO)




      I have the problem that after installing the Chrome browser It will not be open.


      An error message appears:
      "The specified device or path or file cannot be accessed. You may not have sufficient permissions to access the item. " (See appendix)
      So the permissions are there, I can easily get into all the directories.


      The ACCESSPROTECTIONLOG displays the following message:
      "Date/time blocked by Access Protection Rule NT Authority \ System C:\windows\system32\svchost. EXE C:\Program Files (x86) \MCAFEE\VIRUSSCAN Enterprise\mcconsol. EXE common-default protection: stopping McAfee processes prevent blocked action: stop"

      When I disable Access protection in the policy for access Protection on the EPO, I can easily start and use chrome.

      Changes to the default protection do not result in the desired outcome.

      Only disabling Access protection allows me to start and use the Chrome browser.


      The question now is, how can I add an exception for access protection?


      Products: epolicy orchestrator 5.3, VirusScan 8.8 patch9


      Best thanks