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    repository won't sync

      I have created a Distributed repository using the unc method on my EPO 4 server
      I have created a share on this server which everyone has full rights to. when the server was here on site I was able to do a full replication and several incrementals over that week.

      we moved it to the remote site over a MPLS T1 WAN re ip'ed it and it started to fail on the replication.

      I can ping my epo server from it
      I can ping my repository server from teh epo console server

      I can browse to the unc paths
      they talk to the same domain controllers

      so I went in and tried to recreate the repository in the epo console and it seems to be failing on the

      download credentials (agent to repository)

      Replication credentials (server to repository)

      I put in valid domain\username : password
      i press test credentials and it fails

      I don't know where to go from here How is EPO confirming these credentials?

      Windows 2003 stnd sp2
      EPO 4.0.5
      msde sql 2005
      AD intergrated

      CPU: 2 ghz
      RAM: 1 gig ram