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    upgrade from cma 3.6 to MA 4.5 with epo 4.0 P5

      I would like to upgrade my cma 3.6 to Mcafee Agent 4.5. All my end user computers have 3.6 installed. When I check in the package using ePO 4.0 will it automatically start upgrading 3.6 to 4.5? What I would like to do is check in the 4.5 package and then create a new framepackage.exe and manually install it on a few machines first. Once I do then I would like to send out the new agent to everyone. Or if i can i could also check in the 4.5 package and only send the update to a select amount of machines, but i am not sure how to do that.

      If anyone has any ideas please let me know happy
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          It all depends on if your Deployment Task is set to "Install" on the ePOAgent. DOUBLE CHECK


          Then if it is not, the answer would be NO.

          But if it is set to install, set it to Ignore OR disable the deployment task all together.

          Allow this policy change to replicate out the systems (a few days should be good), then check in the agent.