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    Duplicate VSE entries in ePO machine properties and add/remove programs

      Hi all,

      I have recently pushed Virus Scan 8.7i to whole domain.
      We were running VSE8.0i previously.

      One user has complained of slow PC response, and I soon discovered that some of the machines, say 10 out of 300, have previous version of VSE(8.0) still displayed when you go in to properties of the host, as well as VSE 8.7i.
      I have had a look on a few machines and they have two Virus Scan Enterprise registered in add/remove programs.
      Looks like deployment task did not remove the version 8.0 fully, and updater task is eating up resource.

      Does anyone konw whether setting the deployment task of VSE 8.0 to "Remove" will dfix this issue?

      Many thanks,

      W2K3 std
      VSE8.0, 8.5, 8,7
      MASE8.0, 8.5, 8,7