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      You can't tell me after that you took my money for re-registiration. There isnt any button to auto re-registeration in Mcafee windows application. If you are a lucky guy, you can find that little 'auto on'ed auto renewal' button in website. But today so luckily i saw that you took my money. And i surprised that -I didnt know that you saved my bank card too- (they didnt give me any info about that that they saved my card)  info for that burgler. Give my money back. I wont use your antivirus program anytime. And if you wont give my money in short time trust me i will use my legal rights and i will sue as i did last year to a community. And i ll tell your auto robbery in every forum. Not in just my country's forums. I just started today, and wont stop until you give my money back. Today i wrote about this in JUST Turkish company complaint websites, GOOGLE PLAYSTORE. Tomorrow i dont know where to start, but i wont end it because im really angry for you to robbing from me ! Cancel my account and just give my money back!!!