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    Deep Neural Network Prediction V4.0 problems with different files




      We have large problems with the Deep Neural Network Prediction module in Firmware 4.X. This info goes back into TIE.


      a) Some Microsoft Framework Assemblys are falsle rated MEDIUM. We have the same problem with ENS 10.5 ATP/TIE Module which was solved one time by an DEF Update on the TIE. But now also on the ATD.

      b) Most of the DEL-PHI Executables (Even small tools as example) are rated as MEDIUM and thus would be blocked from TIE/ATP.

      c) H-P Drivers for STORAGE are rated at MEDIUM


      Now for the H-P Workstation Storage driver i don't have to explain if ANYTHING blocks that file at any point.



      We turned the Deep Neural Network Prediction module off after this.