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    Tasks NULL

      Hello everybody,

      I have a little problem in my EPO 4.0

      When I try to create a task in Systems/System tree/task a message appear in my screen saying "NULL". When I try to create a new task there is no problem, I can choose what kind of task I want, the schedule, description etc and it seems that there's no problem to "finish".

      But when I clic reload, even if I log again, there's this "NULL" on the task, regarless of my position in the tree.

      Anybody have an idea ?


      EDIT: Screenshot

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          We have seen issues like these be caused for a few reasons...


          One is resolved by applying the latest Patch for ePO 4.0.

          But the others were due to issues with the Database. These type issues will typically require that you submit your DB to McAfee support and have them attempt to reproduce the issue, and possibly resolve the back end SQL issues.


          Try installing patch 5 first (if your not already on that), and if that doesn't work, I would open a ticket with McAfee Tier I Support.