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    Safeboot Uninstall " Object not found"

      We are trying to uninstall safeboot from a laptop, but after forcing the syncronisation. We are getting the following error "[db010010] Object not found".
      I'm wondering if i manually uninstall the safeboot client, will this remove the encryption as well as the client. Or will it just remove the client and leave the laptop encrypted?
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          Uninstalling the client will not decrypt the hard drive.

          If an automated removal of SafeBoot fails, I would recommend doing the following IF AND ONLY IF the computer has been moved to one of your "decrypted" groups AND the ENTIRE hard drive is still encrypted:

          Boot using the WinTech enabled PE Builder CD and use the "Remove SafeBoot" option. This will restore your MBR and decrypt the HD. Your next step would be to boot into windows and remove the SafeBoot client.
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            The Object Not Found error indicates that there is no original registration in the SafeBoot database is not there (the 8-digit hex code). If you still have a copy of an export for that machine, you can reimport it into the SafeBoot database and give it the same name as the client hostname. If a client synchs with the database and does not find a matching object ID, it will see if there is a registration with the same name as its hostname and matching encryption key. If it is a match, the client will update its stored object ID to match the database.

            If you do not have an export (or non-production copy of the database with that registration), then you will need to use the SafeTech utilities to manually decrypt the hard drive using Remove SafeBoot option. If you want to remove SafeBoot completely, either boot in Safe Mode or off the network so that it can't synch to re-register and encrypt. You could then run C:\Program Files\SafeBoot\SbSetup.exe -uninstall

            If you wish to allow it to re-encrypt, just boot it up after decryption and it will create a fresh registration in Default Machines (or attach to an unused registration that matches the client hostname).