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    How to Checking VSE 8.7 without Affecting 8.5


      This question has already been answered, but I want to make sure I don't effect our current fleet of over 9000 endpoints.

      I would like to Checkin VSE 8.7i without causing any issues with VSE 8.5 which is already checked in.

      We will be testing 8.7 prior to rolling it out slowly.

      Could someone point me to a link or let me know what needs to be done.

      Some Info:
      We don't have any automatic deployment tasks (due to slow links)
      Policies won't be an issue as we can create what we need manually (but we would like to be able to migrate these later)


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          We have only renetly upgraded from EPO 3.6.1 to 4.0. In EPO 4.0 One good feature is the ability to see if any clients/group have uninherited client tasks. Before adding VSE 8.7i, I went to the top of the system tree to make sure that no clients/groups had individual deployment tasks enabled. Then I checked the main deployment tasks and made sure it was not enabled. After doing all that we then added the VSE 8.7i package. I have had no problems with it deploying to people by mistake.

          When we test VSE 8.7i, I will move the select clients to the Lost&Found group where we set a special deployment tasks for VSE 8.7i to install. So far, we have it on 13 systems that we are testing with in our group.

          You alos, might want to wait until Wednesday as someone said that McAfee will be releasing the VSE 8.7i repost that has Patch 2 embedded in the setup.
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            Hi twenden,

            Thanks for your response. I had already disabled the Product Deployment Tasks, and Ensured that the Inheritance hadn't been changed for any child groups/objects.

            I checked in the 8.7 and Patch 2 package, and all was fine. Added the extensions as well, however when I go to create a Product Deployment task, I only have the option to deploy VSE 8.7 and not 8.5. Is this normal?


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              IIRC when we tested 8.7, we checked it into the evaluation branch then applied deployment tasks to select clients (our department happy ). Once we were satisfied, we moved 8.5 to the previous branch, 8.7 to the current branch and modified our deployment task enterprise-wide to remove 8.5 and install 8.7.
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                What UNVNettech said.....

                We checked it into the evaluation branch and then created a separate deployment task for 8.7 and assigned it to our test groups.