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      Hello -


      I am getting a message that McAfee has quarantined this Trojan virus that was found on my laptop.


      What can I do to allow this file to be deleted.  I keep on getting messages from McAfee Security Center.


      Does McAfee want to look over this file prior to deletion?  If so, how can I sent this quarantined file to McAfee?


      It is related to a file that keeps on asking opinion poll questions.  Do not know how I got this file?




      In my C:\Programfiles (x86) \ Prim




      Al C.

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          There is a current thread on BleepingComputer about this detection. Are they helping you?



          If that isn't you, then BleepingComputer have a self-help removal guide.

          The file (PMROPN64.exe) is a spyware program from PremierOpinion. All perfectly legit, because before installation there's a screen of legalese you have to give the okay to, and if you don't okay it the program won't install. The sneaky bit is that this program comes bundled with other stuff, and if you just click through to get what you want, you end up with something you don't want - in this case, a Potentially (or indeed Actually) Unwanted Program.


          If McAfee is detecting and quarantining it, that's good. All you have to do is go into Security Centre/Navigation Centre and tell McAfee to delete the file or send it to McAfee


          However, if the file keeps being quarantined then something is bringing it back after deletion, which is not good. Have a look at https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-premieropinion