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    I can't open my McAfee Antivirus Plus


      Hello everyone,

      I can not open McAfee Antivirus Plus: I click in the icon twice and nothing happens. I've tried to run as administrator but I doesn't work too. I tried to uninstall the program to reinstall but in the process it appears a blank window and you also can't uninstall (I have already restarted and turned off the computer).

      Can anyone help?


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          What operating system is this and is it up to date?

          If Windows 10 turn off Fast Startup as shown HERE and then reboot, see if it works now.

          If that doesn't help go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and uninstall all McAfee products/

          Reboot of asked.

          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool, available HERE.

          Reboot and then go to your account page anmd download/install it again.

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            Thanks for the quick response.

            The operating system is Windows 10 and I think it is up to date.

            I have now seen that Windows Defender is enabled but I do not know if it is because McAfee is not working. Does McAfee not open because of Windows Defender? If yes, how can I disable WD? I tried to stop the protection but still McAfee doesn't open and when restarting the computer the WD is back active.

            And according to your suggestions I tried shutting down Fast Startup but it didn't work. And I can't uninstall McAfee antivirus: as I said before a blank window pops up and I can not do anything. Please view image:



            What do I do now?

            Thank you

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              After disabling Fast Startup did you do a complete power down and up again?

              I see McAfee Security Scan Plus installed.  That's an advertising tool and should be uninstalled separately.  It installs as an optional extra with many 3rd party products such as Adobe Flash etc. etc.  Always monitor their installations and updates for unwanted extras.

              If you can't see the uninstallation screen there is something amiss with your system I think.  no matter what browser you are using open Internet Explorer and go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset and OK any prompts.

              Download the MCPR removal tool and try running that.

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                  I haven't done anything else but it is already working.

                  Thanks a lot for the help.



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                    That's great.  I suppose it's possible it was updating and that had somehow got stuck and hance your difficulty in opening it.

                    I'm glad it's working OK now.

                    Perhaps you could mark your reply as the answer ti this thread?