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    Old product (VSE 8.0) not updated to VSE 8.5

      We recently re-installed some XP machine via imaging. These machines unfortunately still have CMA 3.6 and VSE 8.0 installed (in the Ghost image).
      When the machines receive the EPO policy, the CMA is immediately updated to McAfee Agent 4.0, like it should.

      VSE however, is not updated to version 8.5, which we have in the repository.

      The agent log on the XP machine shows the entry: Product conflict: VIRUSCAN 8000 will not be installed. The logs also shows that the upload of a packet to the EPO server failed.

      When I look up a machine in EPO, it shows as unmanaged.
      If I will create a manual deployment task in EPO, VSE 8.0 will be updated to VSE 8.5 (i've tried that on another machine)

      The thing is, I don't want to check all these machines manually and create deployment tasks.
      How come the product isn't automatically updated (just like the agent)?
      I hope someone can shine a light on this.... happy