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    How to disable Safeboot? (Got error 0xe0020007)


      I have a notebook (HP 8710w) with MS Vista Ultimate 64-bit and HP ProtectTools on it via which I've enabled Drive Encryption (SafeBoot).

      After encrypting the primary partition I think I put computer to Hibernate mode (since I wanted to continue my work from there).

      Now, when I switch the computer on I get this message: "Safeboot Error 0xe0020007", and all stops.

      Is there a way to make my notebook bootable again? Perhaps by removing SafeBoot client, if possible somehow?

      I do have backups of my partitions made by Acronis True Image v11, though 'normal' backup not 'bit-by-bit' (or sector-by-sector), and now I am not sure if I should even try to restore my partition with Acronis, since I "fear" that SafeBoot is saved to a location on HD which is not accessed by Acronis, true? Or is it safe for me to do a restore?

      Additional information is that disk tools do not even see notebook's hard disk anymore!

      I've started Acronis Disk Director (booted from USB key), in hope to format the encrypted drive, but it doesn't see internal notebook disk anymore!

      Is my internal disk totally corrupted now and needs physical replacing?!

      Thanks in advance!