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    Truekey Bug - Multiple Logins For The Same Website




      I believe I have encountered a bug in Truekey.

      Steps to recreate:


      1- Login to Truekey

      2- Navigate to a website (I used an Online Banking website to test this).

      3- Login using userid & password & let Truekey save login info.

      4- Logout of the website.

      5- Login to the same website using different userid & password. This will create two local database entries in Truekey for the same web site.

      Up to this point everything works as expected.

      6- Navigate back to the same website and attempt to login.

      7- Let Truekey prompt you with which userid to login with. Select one of the userid's created earlier.

      8- Truekey then autofills userid & password fields. The password field is not auto filled correctly. In my case the passwords I used to login with were 12 characters long. When Truekey autofilled the password fields only 9 "placeholders" were shown. You obviously cannot login with this info.

      9- If you then delete one of the login entries in the Truekey database and attempt to login using the surviving entry, Truekey works as expected and the login is allowed. The full 12 character password is autofilled.


      I checked the password entries in the local Truekey database and they seemed to be saved correctly by Truekey when the entries were created.


      Anyone care to comment if they can replicate this ? Anyone else came across this ?


      Regards, Gary

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