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    ePO upgrade from 4.0p2 to 4.5

      Am think of upgrading or current ePO system - ePO 4.0p2, Agent, VSE 8.5.0 unpatched to ePO 4.5, Agent 4.5 and VSE 8.7p2. Is there any specific order I should do this as I have heard that my current version on VirusScan (8.5.0 no patch) may not work with Agent 4.5, so wouldn't be able to install ePO 4.5 first. Would it make sense to update all the VirusScan's on workstations before going ahead with ePO 4.5 install? I won't be performing an upgrade as my current ePO has some little bugs in it and I don't want them to still be there after upgrading, so I will be uninstalling ePO 4.0 first, then installing 4.5 afterwards, effectively a fresh install with new database.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.