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    For VSE 8.8, what are the major that causes DATs not to update and/or OAS to be disabled?


      Recently, we had a large increase in the number of systems with old DATs (over 2% which is huge for us).  I also noticed many of them had OAS disabled. I downloaded and ran an XDAT on them, and it fixed about 75% of the problem systems. I also periodically force deploying the Agent on problem systems, which helps with a few, but the XDAT had a much bigger impact.


      I want to run a current XDAT on systems with old DATs via SCCM at least once a month to reduce the number of systems we have to fix manually. But our Desktop Engineering group wanted to find out why we are continually seeing VSE breaking on workstations before we start this as a regular task.


      What are some of the main things that cause VSE to have these types of issues (old DATs and/or OAS being disabled)?


      What does the XDAT do, that sometimes fixes these symptoms?


      We currently have all sorts of patch levels in our environment, but we are in the process of upgrading to Patch 8.