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    ePo and Vmware ESXi 5.5


      Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come across using ePo under VMware whereby when Client tasks run you get alerts from your hosts regarding connections dropping to the host (even though it hasn't)  and certain devices on the network (terminals without any agent on) constantly loose pings throughout the day when the Client Task is active, when its not active those terminals stop loosing pings?  We believe it could be load on the network but we cannot see any spikes in activity? Any feedback would be appreciated? 



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          Moe Hassan

          cumpleby, I would start by looking at two areas in ePO: Server Tasks and Client Task Catalog | McAfee Agent | Product Deployment and Product Update. Closely observe the schedules and assignments of these tasks. It sounds like packages may be being pushed out. Have you looked at those? They will give you clues.

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            Hi Thanks for the reply.  Ive mentioned that this happens when a client task is running (VSE 8.8 DAT update to workstations), on the schedule this is enabled to run from 4am to 9pm every 4 hours and randomized every 3hr 59mins ), if we disable the client task then the loss of pings stop.  Weve only had this issue since implementing 5.3, we didnt have these issues in 4.6 of ePO?