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    clients are appearing  in NEW EPO 4 without any EPO 4. TASK  or other

      Have you been confronted to any of this :

      We are in the course of installing and configuring a new EPO 4.0 Server. We've got a EPO 3.6.1 already managing around 40000 machines with 3.6 epo client ( PC and Server).
      The problem is that when we've configured the new EPO 4.0 - we've included mcafee agent 4.0 - BUT we haven't activated any installation of it YET.

      BUT FOR SOME REASON AROUND 185 machines ( PC and Server) started appearing in the new EPO 4.0 Server. FURTHERMORE they received the new Client (????).
      To stop this we've activated a Firewall.....

      Have you been confronted with this?
      Have you discovered WHY ???
      What can it be done to stop this - WE only want the machines to appear in the new server - when we force the installation from the EPO 4.0 console. We wont to a full bang install for 40000 machines - we will do smaller batches in order to control better any error if they arise.