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    Moto g5 phone: malware Android/npinge.a!gen.



      I added a brand new moto g5 phone to my Livesafe account and within 12 hours, after a McAfee update, it had alerted us to an unremovable read only malware file in downloads: Android/npinge.a!gen. Apparently it was from July 2013.

      The only apps we had downloaded were Facebook Mesanger and the BBC iplayer, and through previous attempts to load McAfee, the free McAfee app. Although there was a warning of an automatic download that was 'too large' that I assumed to be a system update.


      We've done a factory reset to see if the file will be removed but haven't had chance to run through the phone set-up again and reinstall LiveSafe yet.


      Can anyone tell me if this was a true MalWare alert or a false return? And if it was real, why did McAfee not block it, and can it be removed if it's still there when we resetup the phone? We haven't even made any calls on the thing yet...


      Thanks in advance.