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    Disable System Tree sorting on these systems


      I have my systems synchronise with AD every hour. I have created a group in systems called Install VSE 8.5. If I drop the PC's I want into this group and wake them up to run the install task, I would then like the systems to revert back to their AD synchronised location. In order to do this do I seleect 'Disable System Tree sorting on these systems' when I move the selected systems? Am finding the documentation a little confusing on this. :confused:
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          What version of ePO?


          If you're using 4.5, I would create a task at the root and apply it only to those systems with a tag like 'INSTALL_VSE_85' or something like that.  Then apply a tag to the systems that you want to have VSE installed on; you could also set up a query to look for systems that have VSE 8.5 installed on them, and which have the tag, and automatically clear it, etc.  No need to bounce systems around in the tree.