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    Failed to validate repository McAfeeHttp

      i've just installed ePO 4.5 on 3002 std. everything seems to be fine now (after 3 days of struggling, reinstalling and rebooting the server :mad:) except updating the master repository.
      i get this error
      "Failed to validate repository McAfeeHttp. File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\nai1F7.tmp\00000001\Vse0401.chm found size 233, expected size 354930"
      when i check in the SDAT manually it accepts it and deploys it successfully though.

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          Have you got a proxy or similar device in between the ePO server and the source repo that could be filtering out .chm files? 233 bytes looks about the right size for an "access denied" or similar message...

          The chm files in question are the updated help files for VSE 8.5 / 8.7. As a quick and dirty workaround you can configure your pull task not to pull these updates - under the "Products, patches, service packs" section of the pull task wizard, unselect VSE 8.5 and 8.7 - that might let the task complete.

          HTH -

          • 2. i've rulled out FW already
            i can't find this selection windows. it's ePO 4.5 maybe that's why.
            what i do have is under repository pull task is "All Packages" or "selected packages"
            when selected packages is clicked, the pop-up is empty :rolleyes:

            and why does it have to be this hard to get McAfee to work??? why???
            • 3. i have tried FTP and it's ok.