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    EPO Patch 6 release notes

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          I like the sound of this:

          22. Issue: Identification and remediation of duplicate McAfee Agent GUIDs through ePolicy Orchestrator was difficult.
          (Reference: 494753)
          Resolution: ePolicy Orchestrator now has preconfigured queries, actions, and server tasks to assist in managing the
          resolution of duplicate McAfee Agent GUIDs.
          Note: McAfee Agent versions 4.5 and 4.0 Patch 3 introduce support of the duplicated GUID regeneration request.
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            Yup, the whole guid idea was badly conceived and implemented...

            Hint to McAfee, for most sites machine name / domain are unique, using those two plus a random guid (which should be generated when a host first calls home to ePO, regardless of what's in the registry) would completely solve the problem.