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    Virusscan 8.7

      I am running EPO 4.0, and all my clients currently have Virusscan 8.5 installed. I understand that in order for Virusscan 8.7 to work properly in EPO, I need to check in the Virusscan package and the extensions. Which do I check in first? Also, I will be checking in the 8.7 Anti-Spyware module. Do I need to install extensions for this also? Thanks for any assistance.
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          Generally speaking if there are any requirements for things to be installed in a certain order, they are described in the documentation. Additionally, if an extension requires another object to be present, then it will check for that object when you try and install the extension, and alert you if the requirement is not met.

          The antispyware product is a nice example of this: it has its own extension, but that extension requires the VSE 8.7 extension to already be present. If you try and check it in before the VSE 8.7 extension you'll get an error message about the VIRUSCAN8700 extension being missing.

          So in your case, I would check things in in this order:

          VSE 8.7 extension
          VSE 8.7 reports extension
          8.7 Antispyware extension
          VSE 8.7 install package
          8.7 Antispyware install package

          HTH -

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            Don't forget that there are updated extensions in 8.7 Patch 2 (and, according to the KB, the rollup full install of VSE 8.7iP2 will contain a further extension update), and that Antispyware 8.7 has recently been re-released with an updated extension included.

            And make sure you have MA 4.0 Patch 3 (or 4.5, if you're really brave/foolhardy) with their corresponding extensions checked in too.

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              Thanks for your help.:cool: