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    Error installing EPO 4.0 Patch 5

      Evening boys and girls,

      Trying to patch EPO 4.0 with Patch 5

      Starts well, middle bits good.....then this happens.....

      Detection of product '{blah blah}' feature of 'ePOMain', component '{blah blah}' failed. The resource X:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\webapps\core\ntlm\dcConfigComponent.jsp' does not exist

      ....and it rolls back and gives up

      Now, it ain't lying, that file most certainly does not exist

      Should it?

      Actually I'm guessing it should as it's looking for it, but where the hell is it??

      Is this something been leftover from my old EPO 3.6 installation? (we upgraded over the top)
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          ok, resolved it myself

          Apprently the error message was a red herring and it was in fact because there was already an epo.bak file in our Apache modules directory which it was having a moan about

          Removed the epo.bak file so it could create a new one from the current epo.dll file and away we went