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    New ePO user with a question or two


      I've scanned the Product Guide and looked through the ePO screens and had a few (hopefully) basic questions:

      - What relationship (if any) exists between ePO, the McAfee Agent, and previously installed versions of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise? While one of our test boxes (with no previous McAfee software) took the agent and received deployed software and policies just fine, another box (with pre-installed VS8.7) took the agent fine, but is not accepting policies.
      - Along these same lines, can ePO and the McAfee Agent remove previously installed McAfee software, or only software that ePO/Agent has previously installed themselves?

      Thanks for any information you can share...

      - John
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          Mcafee can remove or upgrade existing products. By default if Mcafee 8.5i is installed and you push 8.7i it will upgrade. If you want to remove you need to make sure you have the extensions installed for the previous product and it will give you option to remove software in the deployment tasks. As far as why you are not getting policies on one machine, double check and make sure the policy is being inherited correctly and also sometimes it take a checkin or two to enforce the policies on a freshly deployed machine.