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    Hewlett Packard 255 G5 notebook - screen flashes transient window for short period


      FYI for what it's worth.  This was an intractable problem that wasted a lot of my time. Win 10 Pro 64-bit, AMD A6-7310 CPU..


      The problem: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------


      Hewlett Packard 255 G5 notebook, screen flashes transient window for short period over whatever I am doing at that moment.  The window appears for a very short period (say 1/4 second) and goes away. Sometimes the length is so short that I can't see the actual window, it just causes a shimmering, rippling, or flashing effect in the area the image would be.  This happens at least hourly and sometimes 2-3 times per hour.  It's getting annoying.


      It doesn't matter what windows are currently on  the screen.  This has been going on since I got the notebook about a month ago.


      My gut feeling at this moment is that it is not a hardware issue but is a Win 10 problem. I am current on Hewlett Packard and Win 10 updates. No recent driver changes. The touchpad is turned off. Only new software is Chrome, WinZip, and Olympus Master 2 (digital camera support).


      The Solution:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----


      I have determined that the problem originates from scheduled tasks starting up in the background. In this case the worst offender was a Microsoft Office task that fired off once an hour to check for updates.  There were a couple other tasks but I was not able to identify them. These tasks would normally be transient (that is, not display). On my notebook they were displaying to various degrees. Short of deleting the scheduled tasks, I could not understand why it was occurring on my notebook but not to other people (Hewlett Packard was no help).


      Then happenstance (and serendipity) stepped in. I was at the end of the 30-day trial of McAfee LiveSafe and deleted the product. That fixed the problem.


      I can only guess that LiveSafe was somehow interfering in the normal Windows process of running a scheduled task.


      Just goes to show you, it's always something.