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    False Artemis!97A8F2ADA2C7



      I’m the developer of the Android app DeskDock, which allows to share a computer’s mouse and keyboard with Android devices attached via USB.

      In order to forward the mouse and keyboard input, a server program has to be run on the computer.


      Play Store Link for DeskDock:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.floriandraschbacher.deskdock.p ro


      Server Instructions and Download:


      (Please note the Windows server link points to an alternative server program until this issue is resolved)


      I lately started to receive emails from customers informing me the server application for Windows was detected as trojan Artemis!97A8F2ADA2C7 by McAfee and automatically deleted.

      This is obviously super-annoying because the server is required to use the application, which people paid for.


      The McAfee product that reported the infection:

      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise

      Version number: 8.8.0 (

      Scan engine version (32-bit): 5900.7806

      Scan engine version (64-bit): 5900.7806

      DAT version: 8575.0000


      I submitted a Detection Dispute using the online form on the weekend, but have not yet received any response.

      (I initially misunderstood the customer reports to be about my other app ReverseTethering, so please ignore the first, invalid submission I sent)


      It was only after submitting the form that I discovered the page in the knowledge center that describes how to deal with Artemis false positives.

      Following the advice there, I tried to create an account in the ServicePortal, which I did not succeed because I don't have any grant number (seems the portal is only for McAfee customers).

      I then tried to follow the alternative route of sending an email, but I'm using G M A I L (which the forum seems to not allow to write here) which doesn't allow sending emails with zip attachments, it seems.

      I resolved to including a link to the zip file stored on Google Drive, but I'm afraid this doesn't follow the submission requirements.


      I have not received any confirmation email from McAfee so far.


      Please let me know how I should proceed!