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    New UI


      I switched my machine on today, and McAfee is now displaying the new (blue) interface.


      SecurityCenter is now at 16.1.160


      The strange thing is nothing downloaded. And nothing other than definitions have been downloaded since McAfee Internet Security 16.0.1 was downloaded on the 16th of June. In fact that is what is showing in the 'Uninstall Programs' area in the Windows Control Panel. So, how has 16.1.160 appeared on my machine!?!


      Also, a gripe about the new interface. Where have the up and down buttons gone above and below the scroll bar? Scrolling down through, say, all the programs I have set permissions for through the firewall is now a nightmare as dragging the scroll bar with the mouse is nowhere near as precise or easy as using the down button. This needs to be sorted out as it greatly affects functionality!

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