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    EPO 4.5 Port settings

      Greetings McAfee users,

      I'm having some questions that I can't find on the internet, so i decided to ask them here :confused:
      got a schooltask where i have to install a server with a client computer and test the mcafee firewall and the MS firewall.

      both computers can see each other and the client computer is in the domain.
      ive installed everything on the server ( 2003 ) and also a mail server for the email.
      only the problem is that i cant send any email from my server to the client or from the client to the server

      so i thought it had to do anything with the ports or something.. lol
      so my question is :

      How can I open the port 25 for SMTP on the server with ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 so I can send a email to my client computer.
      I'm running a host intrusion prevention 7.0.4.

      sorry for the newbish question, im pretty new in this and any help / tips would be great

        • 1. Port Settings

          If you are using AV 8.7i then look under "Access Protection Properties". You'll see an option under the Category "Anti-virus Standard Protection" that says "Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail". If it's checked then it will prevent anything on the server from sending email on port 25.

          In EPO 4.5, you'll have to modify the Assigned Policy for "Access Protection Policies" under the System Tree.