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    Issue with VSE8.7 deployment using MID8.7

      Hi all,

      I've got a strange problem happening on my VSE8.7 deployment:

      Basically I have customised a VSE8.7 installation package using McAfee Installation Designer 8.7. When I deploy using my virtual testing environment all settings are applied okay, i.e., a REG file + Autoupdate task (even though this is controlled centrally by ePO).

      testing environment:
      ePO 4
      Agent 4 -- then 4.5
      engine 5400
      all applied okay

      live environment:
      Agent 3.6
      engine 5301.4018
      Test container for few machines only
      The REG file does not get applied nor the autoupdate task
      For the live environment I have specified CMA3.6 as New Common Management Updater installation file during the AutoUpdate Configuration screen of MID8.7

      Any clues???

      Comments are much appreciated....