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    PDA Troubles

      Are the Safeboot guides the worst in the universe? How do you set up the PDA Server. I have licences for Pocket PC but can't find how to set up the PDA server anywhere. Can anyone guide me?
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          I've done it before, but I'm at home right now. I'll post your answer tomorrow, if no one beats me to it. I'm pretty sure it is right in the documentation though.
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            First off, did you install the PDA server components during install? If not, you will need to re-run the setup and install the PDA components.

            I was going to put the specific instructions in here, but my development server is acting up. I'll check back later to see your answer to the above question.
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              Did you see the "device encryption for Windows Mobile" administrators guide in the DOCS directory, or is that the doc you're referring to?

              As mrGui said though, if you didn't tick this component when you installed your admin system you'll be missing all the bits and pieces.
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                Also, if you are trying t add a PDA server, try doing it directly from the server instead of a workstation with the SB console. Sometimes a few files are missing on a console client that prevents certain functions, like PDA, Port Control, or files necessary for building client installs.

                Let us know, we help if you give us a little more detail about where the problem is.
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                  On the Devices tab, do you see Windows Mobile Devices Groups? On the System tab, do you see SafeBoot PDA Server Groups? If not, you do not have the PDA components installed.

                  Once you see those things, you can launch Start -> Program Files -> SafeBoot Administration Tools -> SafeBoot PDA Server (from the server). Then create your new PDA server with appropriate settings.

                  Once you get this far, let us know if you have any further questions.