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    Weekly Scan Task that can't delete

      Within the bowels of our EPO server is a "Weekly Scan" task for VirusScan Enterprise 7.1.0

      We don't use this version and as I've got my spring cleaning hat on, I thought might as well get rid of it.....but I can't. Even at the very top of my System Tree I can't delete it. We have 7.1.0 policies as well for some reason

      We don't have the 7.1.0 version in our repository nor do we have the extensions for it.

      Anyone got any clues on how I can get rid of it?
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          Which version of ePO are you using? From the phrase "system tree" I'm guessing 4 or 4.5. If that's the case, then what you are almost certainly looking at is an "orphaned" task that has been migrated from a previous version of ePO.
          The only way to remove this would be to selectively edit the database, as follows. (If you're not comfortable doing this, contact support and they'll help you with it.)

          1) Back up the ePO db.
          2) Execute the fllowing query against the ePO db:

          Log back in to the console and the offending task should be gone.

          HTH -

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            Nothing like a bit of database cleaning on a Monday afternoon :D

            Cheers for the tip Joe, worked like a charm. Had a feeling it was a leftover from our migration a couple of years ago (should have mentioned we are on EPO 4) and would require an SQL statement of unimaginable power to remove it :)

            Thanks again
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              "SQL delete statements: increasing the chances of a single typo really ruining your day since 1974"