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    ePO 4.5 Server Suddenly Ceased To Function!

      My ePO 4.5 server has thrown its toys out the pram over the last few days and although I can log in to the console the server.log file has the following entries and my 4.5 agents fail to talk to the server, however, some agents work and will contact the server OK.

      Entries in the log on startup are:-

      Failed to decrypt data. Error=-2146893819
      Failed to decrypt data. Error-Bad Data (-2146893819)
      Failed to decrypt using the certificate
      Failed to process server key information

      Now, the agents that are working are using agent handlers and seem OK, the ones that don't work are using the ePO server as the handler and they fail, even after removing and re-installing the agent.

      Initially my agent handlers didn't work until I edited the db.properties file and added the SQL instance name and the FQDN for the SQL server (prior to this they reported unable to find SQL server).

      Not sure if this is linked, any ideas anyone?