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    How to find if McAfee Virus Enterprise is installed on client machines

      We are in the process of setting up EPO 4.5 in our organization. None of our client machines have McAfee agent installed . Deploying McAfee client agent works for us and we are successfully able to deploy it to client machines.
      But some desktops have McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise installed and others dont. We have a client (Update McAfee DATS) task to update McAfee everyday, but how can we set up a deployment task for new machines .
      We want to do the following
      (a) Test if the machine is managed or not.
      (b) If the machine is managed, does it have Virus Scan Enterprise on not. If not, then run the product deployment task. If yes, then run the Product Update task.
      The product update task runs everyday so we are not worried about it. However, is the above doable.

      Please help as we are new to setting this up.