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    ePO 3.6.1 Patch 4 fails to install

      When trying to install ePO 3.6.1 patch 4 (over patch 1), setup fails after two reboots at the last "Finish installation" step ("Importing legacy plugins into the repository...") with troubleshooting code 335, error API: DBInit.exe.

      In the log DBINITP4.log the following errors are listed:
      COM Error :80040e14 RunSQL while invoking ADODB:Execute
      Meaning = IDispatch error #3092
      Description = Cannot alter column 'Condition' because it is 'ntext'.
      RunSQL statement failed!
      COM Error :80040e2f RunSQL while invoking ADODB::Execute
      Meaning = IDispatch error #3119
      Description = Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_EPOAuditEventMsgs'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'EPOAuditEventMsgs'.
      Failed to send http request
      End http session login, status=2
      Failed to download file Server.ini from server...

      The Application Server service cannot be started any more. It starts, "terminates unexpectedly" and tries to start again, over and over.

      The common solutions for troubleshooting code 335 didn't provide an answer yet.

      What can be the reason for this behaviour? Anyone experienced this?
        • 1. Solved
          I was able to resolve this issue by replacing the files sitemgr.xml, sitelist.xsd and sitelist.xml in the EPO install dir ...\3.6.1 with the files from the directory ...\3.6.1\DB. After replacing the files the patch installer was able to finish.

          This solution was described in KB57732 which was only available via the Corporate Support Portal.