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    Firewall and internet access


      My Dell pc had Mcafee I stalled from new (2015). Recently I couldn't get internet or use Outlook on line, though the pc 'saw' the router, and I was able to access and work with OneDrive files on line. A friend gave me an external drive to load up McAfee uninstaller.  When McAfee was uninstalled, normal internet access and Outlook service resumed.


      Now I have the uninstall software on the pc, if it happens again I can sort it offline. Would McAfee consider including the uninstall software as part of the standard package so we can all do that? Is there a McAfee guy there reading this, who would pass the suggestion along?


      I've read others' problems with the firewall, but I'm no techie, just an end user so I won't be delving into the finer details.