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    Request: ePO Cloud Account/ePO Cloud Bridge for AR Workspace (Training Purposes Only)




      I'm with Professional Services - Education Services. I'm working on MAR training and want to demo the Threat Workspace from my lab.  I also want the students to be able to Threat Workspace from their respective lab ePOs.  I understand I need to create an ePO Cloud/Cloud Bridge account and link this said account from my ePO to the ePO cloud.


      My goal is to be able to link my lab ePO to the cloud to be able to learn more about the the Threat Workspace.


      Before I create a trial account, Is there a "training only" cloud bridge service I could link my ePO to or are there other options?


      Note: I already know about and have access to Solution Center. I want to link my labs to the an ePO cloud-based service instead.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.