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    Database migration/Safeboot server restore

      We're currently running into some major disk space issues with our current SafeBoot server (it's a Win2k3 VM that was only ever set up with 8GB of drive space.)

      I'm going to build a new VM with more disk space, and would like to migrate over to the new machine as quickly and as easily as possible. Recommendations? Caveats?
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          Make a backup of the Database, I mean the whole Safeboot folder. just stop the services, copy C:\program files\SBAdmin folder.

          Restoring the server depends on how you set it up. If you did the right thing and changed the service to communicate by DNS name, not the default IP, then its a snap by just pointing the DNS name to a new box. If you did it by IP address you need to make sure when you rebuild the server it has the exact same IP address it did before.

          When you have rebuilt the system, reinstall Safeboot. After the install do not start safeboot up. Replace the contents of the current C:\program files\Sbadmin folder with the one you backed up.

          Now just start the safeboot service and you are ready to go
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            I would not reinstall the app - just copy the whole sbadmin directory over and reinstall the ssl cert if you used it, then set up your connector schedule if needed.

            the services will reinstall themselves if you run the app up once.

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              Given the file numbers present in the SBDATA folder, we ZIP them first. This makes the transfer smaller and includes file checksums (to avoid corrupt files in transit, since there are so many of them). Also, I wouldn't want the transfer to fail after 120,000 files and have to start over.
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                hmm where was the option to select DNS name or IP? i don't recall that..
                or maybe it was one of the boxes i just clicked Next to...damn
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                  You just need to adjust the properties of the server itself. Go to System tab, servers, then edit properties on your server. Change it from IP or shortname to a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). If you have your server in the DMZ, you could have your internal DNS resolve to the DMZ IP address and your external DNS resolve it to your public (NAT'd) address.

                  Once you make that change, be sure to build and distribute a new client install so that all new clients are born using that naming scheme. For any existing clients, you could do a quick swap on C:\Program Files\SafeBoot\SDMCFG.INI with your new config. On their next synch, they will re-read the file and synch to that new name.
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                    oh i c it now.
                    thanks mrgui.

                    hmm wish i did that b4 though..too much effort to change existing clients now..ah well..had the IP reserved, so its all good.
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                      create a merge ini to add a new server definition to sdmcfg.ini and a new database entry to scm.ini, then you can update and switch the clients to DNS mode for the future..
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                        And create a new install set, so that all new clients are born with the DNS entry.
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                          So, the Management Center doesn't install anything outside of C:\Program Files\SBADMIN\ ? That would make a restore in a Disaster Recovery scenario fairly simple. In a worst case scenario, where the server would have to be replaced (we haven't virtualized our DMZ) you would only have to:

                          1) Rebuild the server.
                          2) Copy your backup of C:\Program Files\SBADMIN to the new server.
                          3) Copy your most recent backup of the Object Database to the SBADMIN folder.
                          4) When you run the management center the first time, the necessary services will reinstall themselves.

                          From the sound of it, this can be done with a simple ZIP and copy of the SBADMIN folder with the database service stopped, and a recent backup of the Object Database taken with the Database Backup tool.

                          Is it really this easy?
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