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    After McAfee Agent Deployment, some apps, links, and attachments don't work


      I support two domains. One is small, 115 pc's. The other is larger, and I only manage one OU with sever sub-OU's in it. I've built two ePO 4.0 patch 4 servers, one in each domain. In the small domain, clients were never managed before. Deployed the agent with no issues, then deployed 8.7 with patch 2 from ePO. All went well, only a couple of small issues.

      In the other domain, clients were very poorly managed by an ePO server. I built an identical ePO 4.0 patch 4 server, and started pushing agent 4.0 patch 3 to some systems, forcing installation over existing version. I've had a number of them with Acrobat 7.0.8 and Office 2k3 SP3 having issues. The agent installed, they are reporting in ePO. All looks fine. But when they try to open a web link to a .pdf or .pdf e-mail attachment, Acrobat won't load. The process starts in Task Manager and hangs the cpu at 50%. Some other files, such as office docs, no longer give the Open option when clicked as attachments or links, only Save or Cancel. Sometimes they give a permissions error when clicking Save.

      I am completely stumped. Any ideas at all? Most 8.5 policies I've configured are basically default. The clients with the issues are all running 8.5. I tried to repro with some test stations and could not... but on the affected systems, I've resorted to doing a System Restore to a date prior to the agent push, and all is fine again. 8.7 clients don't seem to have issues...

      Anyone seen anything like this? Could it possibly be a policy setting? I've been searching all over but have not found anything yet...