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    MCTRAY.EXE and 64 bit OS'

      This is annoying. Does anyone know when McAfee will get the MA 4.0 P3 mctray.exe to work with 64 bit OS' ? I like having one McAfee icon in the system tray rather than 3 different ones for each product (Agent, HIPS, VSE).
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          According to the release note for the new EPO Agent 4.5, it states the following below:

          System Tray issues

          When running 64-bit operating systems, some managed product icons might appear outside of the McAfee System Tray icon. (486449)
          The System Tray icon might not appear on VMware systems running Windows 2008 Service Pack 2. (487483)

          If it is not fixed with EPO 4.5 agent then it will still be there with EPO Agent 4.0 P3. I have just used to it in our environment.