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    EPO 4.5 Policy assignment rules

      when i try to create one, at the third step when i click on add it tells me: no products, categories or policies found.

      Now: i have already specified policies for products such as VS 8.70 and assigned via policy assignment on groups.

      What could it be?
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          "If you create a Policy Assignment Rule using the Policy Assignment Builder wizard in ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.5, there is an Add button (on the Assigned Policies step of the wizard) which allows assigned policies to be selected.

          If this button is clicked, you might see the following message:

          No products, categories or policies found!

          You see this message if there aren't any products available which support Policy Assignment Rules. When ePO 4.5 shipped, no such products were available.

          The following is contained in the ePO 4.5 Readme:

          Policy Assignment Rules

          ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 allows you to assign policies to unique groups or to individual users through the use of Policy Assignment Rules. This feature enables policy assignment based on the Active Directory groups that users belong to, instead of the system they are using. You can include individual users, groups, and Organizational Units (OUs) in a rule. You can also exclude specific users from a rule. McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.0 is the first managed product to leverage this feature.

          NOTE: Additionally, McAfee Agent 4.5 is required to enable Policy Assignment Rules that will be applied to client computers. McAfee Agent 4.5 is tentatively expected to be released by the end of Q3 2009."

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