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    FRP 5.0.3 : Allow Unprotected access to USB device within the company's environment only, and ask for password offsite



      How can i do this when i only have these options:


      • To restrict access to the encrypted USB devices to within the company's environment only, select the Enforce Encryption (onsite access only) option.

      • To enable users to access encrypted USB devices on systems without having to install any McAfee encryption software, select either Allow Encryption (with offsite access) or Enforce Encryption (with offsite access) options.

      • The Enforce Encryption (with offsite access) option allows a file to be copied to the USB device only when it is encrypted, otherwise the device is rendered read-only. If the User Managed option is selected, files can be copied only to the encrypted portion of the device.

      • To define the use of USB sticks as read-only, select the Block Write Operations option


      do i need to check "KEY" in the Authentication section ?????

      file and removable media protection policy removable devices.png



      thank you !