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    TIE: 2.1, ENS 10.5.1, DUMPDLL.BIN




      10:25 Correction > We see all KIND of EXTENSION .LOG .ERR coming In with TIE 2.1 Server. Is this a BUG or FEATURE?

      Was this FILE Extension OPTIONS there before 2.1 (Not standard Extension=All Extension THAT or not registrered on the OS Client itself) like .LOG .ERR .BIN etc. In clear words all files

      that you click oon and Windows want's to know with what application to OPN because it unsure.


      The option was not there before TIE 2.1 right?



      * Customers have 280 DUMPDLL.BIN in TIE 2.1. Each different MD5 values.

      * There is no INFO where the FILE has run

      * There is no INFO under add. Infos


      Is this related to the Extension BIN? This reminds me of NERO or any Burning Software (Like CUE Files).


      Question in general


      Any tips from all of you on WHAT to currently ativate which EXTENSIONS in TIE Setting EPO?


      TIE 2.1

      ENS 10.5.1

      EPO 5.3.2

      ATD latest release

      Blocking Mailicious