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    ePO server busy


      I've got ePO 4.5 running on a 64bit 2003 server with which I have a perculiar problem.

      Out of a total of 40 agents just over 50% of them are not communicating with the ePO server, if you collect and send props from CMDAGENT you see the message that the ePO server is busy.

      I've removed the agent using /forceuninstall and pushed it back out from ePO but the problem persists, I can't think of why some of the agents are working and others aren't

      The only references I've found to the 'server busy' message relate to older versions of SQL server, but the backend in this case is Express 2005.

      The only thing I can think of at this point is uninstall and start again but I'd rather avoid that as I've already spend hours getting ePO up and running.

      Any suggestions appreciated